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Build machine learning models & deploy your trading bots for free.
Trade on the most reputable brokers & exchanges on the market.

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Swiss33 is the easiest place to deploy your machine learning trading strategies.

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Create your models and backtest them.

You can create as many models as you want for free, and select only the ones with the best results.

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Create your models

Deploy your models.

Your model deploys as a trading bot, and obeys orders given by the model's predictions, all with live market data, 24/7 in the cloud.

Where ideas are worth their weight in gold.

Run your trading bots on the cloud 24/7 safely.
Trade all your dream cryptos.

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Quickly deploy your machine learning model into a trading bot, runnning 24/7.

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Where companies are more than tickers.

Build as many machine learning models as you want, for free.
Trade all your dream companies.

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Swiss33 uses state-of-the-art, high-performance and secure technology.

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Where processors are abused.

Train and backtest your models with Scikit-Learn.
Host and run your trading bots safely with AWS and Cloudflare.
Take advantage of Redis' speed.

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