Get an overview of the architecture of the system

The main goal is to have trading bots running 24/7, connected to stock and crypto exchanges and submiting orders according to machine learning predictions.
In order ot achieve that goal, you need :

OAuth can be an alternative to API keys, but we currently don't supported it.

Step 1

Create an account on Swiss33 and save your exchanges' API keys (here is how to do it on Alpaca and Binance)

Step 2

Create a model, based on your preferrences and research, and backtest it. If you're satisfied with it, you can keep it for the next step. If not, you can delete it and create a new one, and backtest it again. You can repeat that step as much as you want, in order to get the exact model you're looking for.

Step 3

Create a trading bot, based on a model you just created. In order to create the trading bot, you need to provide the API keys of your exchange. Make sure the bot is authorized to place orders in your exchange's settings. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your API keys, you can create a disposable account on your exchange in order to get new API keys, and choose in the trading bot settings the paper mode. Each trading bot needs API keys, so you can use the same or new ones.

Step 4

Start your trading bot. You can start it whenever you want, even if you trade the stock market, the bot will just wait for the market to open in order to submit the first order. You can also stop the bots whenever you want. You can also track the performance of the bot and check the logs.