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Free Plan

For starters
Running time24/7
Paper tradingUnlimited
Live trading7 days
Trading bots3
Live chatNo
Model features20
Affiliate bonus10 USDT
$ 0.00 /month
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Premium Plan

For experienced users
Running time24/7
Paper tradingUnlimited
Live tradingUnlimited
Trading botsUnlimited
Live chatYes
Model featuresUnlimited
Affiliate bonus15 USDT
$ 30.00 /month
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Enterprise Plan

For professionals / institutions
Custom-made modelsYes
Custom-made trading botsYes
Custom-made strategyYes
Custom-made data sourcesYes
Custom-made signalsYes
Custom-made monitoring toolsYes
Private serverYes
Private web applicationYes
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Machine Learning models ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No
Downloadable models ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No
Machine Learning backtests ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No
Classification report ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No
Confusion matrix ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No
Fully no-code ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ✔️Yes ❌No ✔️Yes ❌No ✔️Yes
Stock market ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ❌No ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No
Crypto market ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ❌No ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes
Forex ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No
Number of brokers 13 23 ? 7 0 0 0 0 0
Number of exchanges 12 0 ? 6 1 0 15 3 17
Paper trading ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ❌No ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes
Paper trading without registration ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No
Live trading ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ❌No ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes
Unlimited bots / strategies ($ / month) $30 $290 $99 $80 $0 (fees) $597 (one-time) $500 $60 $99
24/7 support ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No ❌No
Referral bonus ✔️Yes ❌No ❌No ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ❌No ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes
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